Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wanting to Watch Whales

We started the day on Granville Island where the trees were green, the sky was brilliant blue, and the merchants were hauling in their supplies for the day.  I saw a vendor go by with boxes and boxes of cherries.  They were $10/pound so I don't expect he will sell many.  Then again, I'm admittedly cheaper than most people.
Eliz arrived on her trusty Bernard.  Bernard is her only source of transportation while we are here as we commandeered her vehicle. 
 We bought our morning caffeine at Off the Tracks Cafe ...
found a place with a view ... 
...and did what all sane people do over morning coffee ... we played Scrabble.

We had time for two games and each won one so our friendship continues.

Bob read the Vancouver Sun while we played.  He used to play against me; that ended years ago when I played the word MARRIAGE on a triple-triple.  Our marriage survived, but our days of playing Scrabble against each other did not.

Elizabeth headed off to work and Bob & I headed to a whale watchng tour.  The company has a 90% rate of people seeing whales on the tours and you get a certificate for a free tour next time if no whales are spotted.

Here's the bad news first:
We have coupons for another trip as no whales appeared. There were five boats out and there were no sightings.  Our guides kept vigilant watch.
We were out for five hours and it was truly lovely on the water.  We went across as far as Gabriola Island.

 By hour three, Bob was looking this bored.
By hour four we were pretending these were the Irish cliffs on the Aran Islands. 
Our booby prize was that we saw harbor seals and California sea lions.

Once back on terra firma, we found a You Gotta Eat Here diner for supper.
I went with the guacamole grilled cheese and, Jocelyn, the fries that came with it compare to Popeye's.  Michelle and Angela, you will be happy for Bob's sake; he was allowed to order milk here.
On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a great Salvation Army Thrift Shop. Leah & Barb, these two French Press looked unused and they were each $7.99.  The store had lots and lots of sushi dishes.  I always like to see how items vary from place to place.  Not far from this store was a St. Vincent de Paul Thrift and Antique Store.  It was closed for the day, but looking at items and prices through the window brought chuckles.  An 18" piece of driftwood was marked $49.99.
Bob's on the bed with brochures all around so planning is happening for tomorrow.  We know we are starting the day with a Scrabble breakfast and ending the day seeing Elizabeth's show Hand to God.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BC, but ...

Do I seem the absent-minded type who would take 60 camera pictures of  beautiful BC but then leave the connecting cord for the computer st home?  Yup, that's what I did.   Perhaps I'll solve it tomorrow; perhaps I'll be posting from home on Saturday.  Regardless we had a great day because (a) we saw Liz twice and (b) our trip on the sea-to-sky highway was panoramic.

Here are some photos from my phone:

Yesterday's earth and sky were flawless.
Elizabeth lives in a pretty part of Vancouver.

We breakfasted at Cafe Zen on Yew where I had the BELTCH sandwich (bacon-egg-lettuce-tomato-cheese) although mine was BELCH as I hate tomato.  I'm not sure what the H is for ... maybe hash browns on the side.

Notice Bob & Liz having a conversation.
 Elizabeth did the boring thing ... she went to work.  Meanwhile Bob and I had an amazing and sunny day traveling the Sea-to-Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler.  We stopped at two provincial parks to see two awe-inspiring waterfalls.  We must thank the taxpayers of BC.  Because of their dollars, our admittance to parks was free.

Here is Shannon Falls.
Here is Brandywine Falls.
Both are stunning.  The drive itself has many stunning views and we were surprised to see how much snow is still out there.
 We drove around Whistler Village and when I am wasting time on the internet, I must check out hotel prices there.

Back in Vancouver we had some time on Granville Island and I bought my only purchase of the trip.  How do I know it's my only purchase when we still have a few days left?  I know it because I'm traveling with just a carry-on and I don't have room for anything more.
I wanted to shop at Paper-Ya for a birthday gift for a friend who has a July birthday.  That's all I'm going to say.
 We met Liz whilst she had a supper break; we ate at the Tap & Barrel and although our food and beer were excellent, the water view and conversation were the highlights.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gathering of the Guilds

How strange is it that I am writing a post when we aren't traveling.  Things do happen in my life when I'm in little, old Weyburn and I want to tell you about one of those events.

Tuesday night our guild hosted a Gathering of the Guilds.  It was well attended by our members and by our invited guests from other towns.  Our theme was "Celebrating Canada's 150th" and decorations, quilted creations, and the clothing of many of our members reflected this.

President of the Crocus Quilters Marg welcomed everyone.  By the way, if you spot your photo here & you think you look better in real life, you do.  It's difficult to get good photos of people when they are talking and moving around.
Our guest quilter was our very own Jaynie Himsl.  She gave a great presentation on the evolution of her quilting.

She explained the skirt she made.  What imagination & creativity!
Jaynie, as our CQA rep, also talked about the Canadian Quilters' Association and about the Big Quilt Bee.  Our club showed the blocks, tops, and quilts we have made for it so far.  Jaynie's table of info on the CQA was plundered - which is a good thing.
Thanks to Sharynne for manning the People' Choice table.  I should have taken photos of these individual projects as they were wonderful.  My bad!  Marg won the award.
Show and tell was amazing and wonderful.  Have a look at lots of it. I apologize as I missed some.

We played the quilters' version of Strip Poker.  You can find instructions online.

Here are the expressions of some of the winners.

We presented a donated applique top to the Khedive hand quilters in the hope that they can finish it and use it in the way they see best.
I should (1) buy a better camera and (2) learn something about photography.  Or as an alternative, you should attend our meetings and see all of this first hand.

Christa has posted her take on the evening on her blog at  Check it out.